I am a practising Artist based in Oxford. I trained at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College, Banbury (Foundation in Art and Design) where I obtained a distinction, and at de Montfort University, also in Banbury, for a degree in Fine Art, abandoned at the halfway point due to the intervention of life….

At college I discovered an interest in 3D working. A love for oil paint and using it with other materials such as newsprint and textile took over since I left in 2010. In some ways this combines the two disciplines of painting and sculpture for me.

I find so much in the world to inspire me that it becomes hard to focus in a single area. Maybe I am something of a butterfly, as I am by nature a person who hates to be tied down or labelled. Thus I much enjoy experimentation, playing, not taking myself too seriously, and constantly pushing at my boundaries. This need for enjoyment is balanced by regular self-criticism and criticism with my fellow ex students from Banbury, which assists my continued development. Much of my work has been on the subject of the sea, in all its moods. This focus began with the concern about  rising sea levels as a result of polar ice melt in the Arctic and Antarctic.

My passions lie with Sustainability, simplicity, peace, equality and integrity, so subjects for my work have ranged through the political to the personal and back again. Meditation on these matters lies at the heart of my artistic practice and every day begins with a half hour of silent reflection before getting going.  I am still sitting on a boundary between figuration and abstraction, but find encouragement for this position from the work of several contemporary artists, such as Jenny Saville, Nathan Ford, Gerhard Richter and John Keane.

Artists from the recent and more distant past who I constantly admire and return to are Rembrandt, Vermeer, Bacon, Bourgeois, Cezanne, Degas, Freud, Hepworth, Matisse, Moore, Nicholson, and of course, Picasso.  I am fascinated by the life and thoughts of these great figures, and much enjoy reading their biographies, as I have an interest in the links between life and work.

I have been part of several group exhibitions in Oxfordshire, and have exhibited in Oxfordshire Artweeks for the past six years. I have also exhibited with the Oxford Art Society.

I am pleased to work to commission. Please contact me to discuss your ideas.


Jill Green

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