The Department of Interventional Radiology is offering a full range of advanced interventional radiology services. The Department of Interventional Radiology at Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute is well-equipped to render services in the areas of CT, Ultrasound, Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) and intervention procedures. For all routine and emergency imaging services, the interventional radiology department is open 24x 7. The team of radiologists and radiology technologists in the field of radiology has not only general expertise but also experience with subspecialties. Our specialist interventional radiologists are fellowships qualified at some of the best hospitals in the world and are experts in all imaging aspects. The Department is also actively involved in scientific research studies and clinical trials for enhancing patient treatment and care.

mặt kqxs hôm nay Services




  • 24 X 7 Stroke




  • Doppler

  • Arterio venous fistula mapping




Percutaneous USG & CT-guided non-vascular interventional procedures:

  • FNAC & Core Biopsy

  • Arterial and venous catherisation.

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic drainages of ascitic and pleural fluids, abscesses, bile leakages, pseudocysts,etc

  • PTBD and stentings

  • PCNL

  • Vertebroplasty

  • Ablations (Microwave and Radiofrequency)


Diagnostic Vascular procedures:

  • Cerebral / Spinal Angiography (Radial/Femoral)

  • Renal Angiography

  • Peripheral Angiography

  • Carotid Angiography

  • TJLB



Therapeutic Vascular procedures: 

  • Bronchial artery embolisations

  • Transarterial Chemoembolisations

  • Embolisation of vascular tumours (soft tissue and hepatic).

  • Embolisation in cases of G.I.T bleeding and other emergency bleeders

  • Pseudoaneurysmal coiling.

  • Sclerotherapy/Ablations of varicose veins.

  • Stenting and Balloon plasty in cases of critical ischemia of limbs and central venous occlusions

  • Fistuloplasty

  • Diagnostic angiographies.

  • Thrombolysis and mechanical thromboembolectomy



Neurovascular procedures:

  • Aneurysmal coiling

  • Stroke

  • Carotid stenting

  • Caroticocavernous fistula embolization

  • Ophthalmic artery chemoinfusion

  • AVM embolisations


Dr. Gaurav Gangwani

mặt kqxs hôm nayM.B.B.S , DNB (Radiology) , F.V.I.R.

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Shashank Mishra

mặt kqxs hôm nayM.B.B.S , DNB (Radiology) , F.V.I.R.

Consultant Radiologist